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Circuit of Culture

Newgrounds is a website dedicated to showcasing user generated content made by all. Starting as a portfolio website for creator Tom Fulp to showcase his own flash creations, he opened it up in 1995 for anybody to showcase their own creations. Comedic flash animations and addicting games dominated the site in the early years. Many beloved games, characters, and movies came from Newgrounds. Newgrounds has grown considerably since then and now has millions of users and visitors active on the website. Many of the early creators have since grown to become professionals and are still active in the community. Newgrounds is not just a website just for animations or games it also showcases music and art created by its users.

The Circuit of Culture is a valuable tool used in cultural studies. It is used to study the cultural value of websites, services, products, etc. The Circuit of Culture helps to view this object of study in various interrelated contexts. The contexts include: Representation, Identity, Consumption, Regulation, and Consumption.(This is also the recommended order to view the content on this website)


Representation deals with how this website represents itself and what this representations means for its users. Newgrounds has grown with its users throughout the years and went through various phases.


Consumption is how Newgrounds allows its users to use and maneuver the site.  Newgrounds has a particular goal with how the website is set up.


Identity includes who are the users of the website. How are they like and what do they do? Newgrounds has a huge userbase that is getting bigger recently. It is more diverse than it has ever been.


Regulation is how Newgrounds uses it rules to run the website and what these rules intend to create. Newgrounds is unique in its regulation that its users have a substantial power over the website.


Production is what the content creators on Newgrounds make and how. Newgrounds is very diverse in content, but there is a dominant culture on Newgrounds that overshadows the rest.


What is Newgrounds?


Found in NY Mag

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